HKS Circuit Umbrella – Black and Silver 51007-AK396

£54.00 Inc.VAT


  • The flexible and lightweight umbrella with an easy grip urethane handle and a glass fiber frame.
  • The color contrast, you will stand out!
  • The HKS Circuit Umbrella is a must-have item for racetracks and outdoor events to show your HKS pride while protecting you from sun, wind and rain.


For more details or photos please don’t hesitate to contact us, email: or phone: 01293 520090, or better yet why not come down and visit us at our site in Crawley, open weekdays 9:00am-6:30pm and Saturdays 9:00am-4:00pm.



  • Umbrella fabric composition: 100% polyester
  • Length of rib: 75 cm
  • UV cut rate: 91%-99.9%
  • The easy-to-hold urethane handle and glass fiber skeleton make it light and supple.
  • The contrast between bright silver and black pattern has a great impact. For watching racing on a circuit or for outdoor events.


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Weight 2 kg



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